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Working Hard For Our Community

We have challenges we need to deal with:

  • The Baby Boomers are retiring.  I've been told that four years from now we will have as many seniors as we will have children in our schools.  We seniors (yes, I am one) have different needs, especially as we age.  Today, at 63, my needs are not that demanding.  But what happens when the Boomers reach 70 (that is happening right now), 75, 80 and even more?  We have challenges - challenges I am ready to face.

  • Safe drinking water.  The water level in our aquifer is dropping.  There is no impending doom, but a smart council deals with this type of issue now - not when it becomes critical.  Our city needs someone with the foresight that I bring.

  • The Gateway Corridor Project is coming. Some of us may not like it, but it going to happen. We may not have control of its arrival, but we can control how we respond. This is the time to embrace it and look for ways to help it benefit us even more. How can we make this work for us? I have dealt often with the unknown in business. I know there are hidden opportunities in these events, and I have the experience finding those opportunities.

I am not asking for a donation.  There is no PayPal link.  I am asking for something much more precious:

Your trust and your vote.

On November 8th, please, give me your vote so I can do what my experience, knowledge and personal drive shows I can do.

Tom Owens for Woodbury City Council

Hello!  I am Tom Owens and I am a candidate for Woodbury City Council.

We have been blessed with hundreds of citizens who volunteer their time and expertise to make Woodbury one of America's great cities.  This year we need to elect two new members of Council.

I am asking you for the opportunity to extend my legacy of community service by serving on Council.