Tom Owens for Woodbury City Council

The Owens Family

(Back row from the left) Dr. Andrew Calvin (Mayo Clinic), Amanda and Evangeline Owens, me, Elizabeth Owens (Woodbury Parks & Rec Specialist).

(Front row) Eli, Leah and Daniel Calvin, Leah Mead (mother-in-law) and Deborah.

Deborah and I have lived in Woodbury (Colby Lake) since 1992.  We raised our three children here.  Since then our children have grown and have families of their own, including 3 grandchildren - who I simply adore.  After 19 years with The St. Paul Companies (now Travelers Insurance) I opened my own insurance agency, here in Woodbury.  After corporate America I am enjoying the world of self-employment.

In 1974, I joined a small town police department in Ohio, where my life of serving the community began.  I worked with the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.  (I am told that in the 1970s there were two honorary girl scouts, Bob Hope and me.  I can't vouch for that story, but I like it.)

In 1980, I introduced the "Officer Friendly" program to the local school system - an early attempt to build close ties between the community and the police.  The program was so well received that it was published in the March, 1981, issue of The Police Chief.

I left law enforcement to enter the world of insurance.  My service to the community did not stop.  Each community had the Boy Scouts who I worked with, and our Church, where I served as a Sunday School teacher, youth leader, on the Administrative Board and as a Trustee.

Professionally I made a presentation at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, helping them understand the insurance industry and how fraud may impact it.  Subsequently I made a presentation about insurance fraud to hundreds of insurance industry executives at the Annual Meeting of CPCUs in San Diego, California, in addition to dozens of seminars coast to coast.

My most current contribution was serving as the Treasurer for our Homeowner Association, where I helped turn 5 years of negative cash flow into 5 solid years of positive cash flow, without laying off any employees and still honoring all employees with annual pay raises.

Serving my community is just a part of my life.  It has been 44 years since I started volunteering with civic organizations.

44 Years - and I am still at it.

This year Deborah and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary.  When I am not working I spend most of my time with her.  We regularly host our grandchildren for a weekend.  They wear us out - constant movement - we love it.  I also enjoy playing bridge and do my best to play twice a week.